Pushing the Clemency Card: The Case for Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Pushing the Clemency Card:
The Case for Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Following the Strategic Release Plan of Amend The 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement.

The Friends and Family Campaign to free Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun, IDOC-Watch, Amend The 13th, Central Texas ABC & Paralegal Services, South Chicago ABC, and IWOC-Indiana: Collectively due to their activism to bring home our ageing political prisoners and prisoners of war, stand together to compel the people and its representative body, the government, to consider the release of our comrades.

photo of Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun in 2017

Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun in 2017

This portfolio is solely compiled for Indiana Political Prisoner Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun.

The Indiana Department of Corrections for many decades has operated on a stiff riged system of barbaric oppression. The courts acting as an auction block, and prison replacing the plantations. Rarely does a single prisoner in this state receive a clemency release. So we want to be the individuals who influence the state and IDOC to Amend this policy and upon a careful review of our demands/protest, release Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun from their plantations’ custody home to us.

Special mention goes to Comrade Annabelle who has been involved in prison activism for many years, who lives in The Netherlands. She reached out recently to help Khalfani, encouraging the formulation of this address: pushing the clemency card. You have been a great help and source of encouragement in our fight to free Khalfani. Thank you for everything.

The system of control permanently locks a huge percentage of the New Afrikan Community out of the mainstream society and economy. The system operates throught the criminal justice institutions, but it functions more like a caste system than a system of crime control. Like Jim Crow and slavery, mass incarceration operates as a tightly networked system of laws, policies, customs, and institutions that operate collectively to ensure the subordinate status of a people defined largely by race.

The power lies in the hands of People. We are unafraid to expose white supremacy and corruption within this empire’s entire infrastructure. This monster has to be surrounded from all angles in a collective-struggle-approach. Together we can win.

Why should you join the call for Clemency as a Strategic Release plan for Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun?

Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun (Leonard Bernard McQuay) entered the I.D.O.C. in 1987 at the age of seventeen. He was in Highschool playing Highschool football. Born in Gary, Indiana, his parents gave birth to 8 children, including himself. Growing up in one prison environment or another for the past 30 years has been a constant and unavoidable struggle. Many would call it a complete nightmare.

In 1989 Khalfani Malik Khaldun did successfully complete and obtain his G.E.D.

Prison life for a Black 17-year old youngman would lead him to transform through the stages of political and dialectical growth and development. Encouraged by an older militant class of Rvolutionary Prisoners to study and read a host of political philosophy and New Afrikan nationalism / internationalist materials changed Khalfani in many ways, causing him to immediately abandon his criminal colonial impulses. Becoming a work in progress, an aspiring New Afrikan Revlutionary.

Inside U.S. prison plantations, prisoner activists and jailhouse lawyers become open targets of those administrations/administration officials. Political Prisoners or Prisoners of War (P.O.W.). Khalfani Malik Khaldun has chosen to embrace the life of a Servant of the People. A life full of harassment, being targeted by the oppressors. For 30 years Khalfani has been experiencing a transformation into a new man.

This is why we support Khalfani’s release:

No matter what losses, disappointments, good or bad came his way, he has never stopped fighting or progressing.

– In 1989 Khalfani obtained his G.E.D.

– Khalfani has become a fluent writer and poet, having authored many articles and poems. Some of these can be read on this site: Between the Bars: https://betweenthebars.org/blogs/408/khalfani-malik-khaldun

– While held in solitary confinement Khalfani completed / graduated from Federal Emergency Management courses, Religious Enlightenment courses, all available Anger-management courses, Life Skills courses, Rehabilitative courses, and some other self-improvement work over the period of 20 years that he was held in solitary confinement units.

– Khalfani has drawn up proposals sent to the Governor’s office and ranking officials in charge of the Indiana Dept. of Corruption, seeking to change oppressive conditions for all prisoners.

– Khalfani created a program called: Rehabilitative Redemption Violence Prevention Program, and he presented it to the facility heads at Wabash Correctional Facility, hoping to have it approved to curtail building violence at the prison.

– Khalfani has authored very articulate articles in various leftwing publications such as:

the San Francisco Bayview, Nation Time News, Anti-Racist Action News, The Revolutionary Worker, The Indianapolis Recorder, etc. covering prison issues on oppression, slavery, political prisoners, prisoners of war, and Universal Solidarity, on a national and international level (in 2012).

– Khalfani wrote a play called A Solitary Confinement Cell in a Supermax Prison, at the request of comrades at Prison Health News. Out of 12 contestants, his play won 1st place.

– In 2013 Khalfani submitted a re-entry proposal and contract for Gradual Release for Prisoners including himself from Solitary Confinement to be released to General Population. The proposal was approved.

– In 2013 Khalfani completed and graduated a ten week course on anger-management and criminal thinking, culminating 20 individual courses.

– In 2010 Khalfani completed a program called Actions, Consequences and Treatment (A.C.T.), an incentive-based life-skills program that lasted one year, earning over 23 certificates.

– On 11-20-2014 Khalfani completed the S.T.A.N.D.-program: Striving Towards A New Direction, while housed at the Newcastle Correctional Facility. The next day he was released from 20 years of solitary confinement, out into General Population at Wabash Correctional Facility.

– Since 2014 Khalfani has organized Study groups/classes to help young prisoners enhance their lives inside the prison environment.

– Khalfani is currently getting ready to present the Khalfani Malik Khaldun Anti-Gang Educational Initiative, to local boys and girls clubs and detention centers in the Mid-West.

– Khalfani is currently preparing to publish his first Real Book: Like Father Like Son. This is a story about his life and love for his son, King Dion. His son was shot and he later died on September 21, 2014. This book will be his labor of Love.

– Khalfani has helped prisoners who are being denied proper medical treatment get support, to compel the medical department to act.

– Khalfani has stood in solidarity with the Muslim prisoners who were experiencing discrimination from the prisoncrats. That helped to get better food during the Month of Ramadan, which is the yearly 30-day fast for Muslims.

– Inside the Indiana Dept. Of Corrections Khalfani helped prisoners in any way that he can.

The Indiana Department of Corrections population is expected to grow:

Year –  Population – Capacity

2016 – 28,561 – 28,825

2017 – 29,180 –  28,825

2018 – 30,269 –  28,825

2019 – 31,627 –  28,825

Anyone wanting to read more about Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun please visit: Khalfanikhaldun.wordpress.com.

Comrade Anthony Rayson has collaborated with Khalfani Malik Khaldun to publish a total of 26 publications of his writings. You may receive copies of them by contacting:

Anthony Rayson
South Chicago ABC Zine Distro
P.O. Box 721
Homewood, IL 60430
Email: anthonyrayson@hotmail.com

You can write our Comrade Khalfani Malil Khaldun at this address:

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun
Leonard McQuay #874304
Wabash CF G-405
P.O. Box 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838

Campaign to Free Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, 10-31-2017