Freedom is Her Name

When you were in my life i abused you,
In my youthful ignorance i didn’t appreciate you,
So when you left me i didn’t understand,
A great love affair slipped through my hands….

Freedom is her name

For years i have fought to get you back
i have changed my life: this isn’t some act
You’ve made me fall in love from afar
This is a fact Freedom….

Freedom is her name

Your disappearance has taken me away
From my children and family
Causing me to grow up alone and lonely
My inner strength has kept me fighting for the day
When you come back to me….

Freedom is her name

I’m sure we’ll meet again one day
Then all will be made right and sweetheart you will say
I’m yours for the rest of Eternity….

Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun, Leonard Mcquay

sunset with birds

Image by Denis Doukhan from Pixabay.


Be a blessing and receive blessings

universe with star tracesLearning more about ourselves we become masters of our environments. Once we become masters of our environments, we will become driven by a motivation that compels greatness out of us.

The universe will give us exactly what we ask for and what we deserve. We have to remember to be a blessing to someone along the way. We have to be a blessing… in order to get a blessing.

Inside of us all dwells an untapped power. A greatness given to us by God. Embrace who you are and love that person…

Take care. I love and appreciate all of you.


You caged my body – i freed my soul

Freedom for many comes by opening the gates.
The soul must be free in order to defeat hate,
So thinking outside the box makes you wise like a fox.
My mind, body, and soul, are strong like an OX.

You caged my body, i freed my soul

My life is important,
My story’s been told:
From streets of Black Amerika to the White House.
The voice Loud and Bold. Im free…

You caged my body, i freed my soul

Yoga and mind maditation have kept me focused
on the struggle and task at hand.
My body has been held in a cell
but all my thoughts have been in the world…
touching lives…

You caged my body, i freed my soul

I have seen the world through blood-stained eyes…
every raindrop falling upon me gave me strength
for they were sent from God’s cries,
and his love for me…

You caged my body, i freed my soul

Many years have come and gone,
i cry freedom to bring me back home
to those who loved me for so long,
to place and time where i belong,
because i freed my soul….

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun…

Leonard Mcquay
March 4, 2019

moon behind bars

Image by Prettysleepy2 from Pixabay