Khalfani’s Fundraiser Update

Hello Friends and Comrades,

Khalfani posing with the shirt with his son King Dion (2017)

Khalfani posing with the shirt with his son King Dion (2017)

For six months I was restricted from having access to my J-pay account, due to taking a picture with the t-shirt on in memory of my son King Dion. For that I was given a conduct report, and they confiscated the t-shirt with my sons face on it.

Thank you for donations to my freedom: we have been able to launch an investigation into some new matters that where never presented during trial, that constitute newly discovered evidence.

There will be additional cost needed to fully retain John Tompkins as my full-time attorney. So please continue to show your support financially and in any other way possible, to ensure my freedom can be certain in the near future.

With all of my love I send to you and I ask you to continue to stand by my side in this fight, because I can not do it alone. As of right now I have been in prison for 31 years, and the majority of my family are deceased so its hard to do this by myself. I welcome your love, talents, commitment, and love for the struggle. As I continue to believe that my freedom is possible.

I would like for you to show your love to Annabelle (webmanager) who has been vigilant in supporting my Friends and Family Campaign to Free Khalfani Malik Khaldun.

Much thanks and love
your comrad Khalfani Malik Khaldun.
Power To The People



Khalfani in June 2018