Indiana Pri$on Profiteer$

A Calculated Scheme by idoc – to gain profit$ at the expense of human exploitation. A 2019 report.

As of 2015, 3,183 individuals inside Indiana Prisons have been incarcerated for 10 years or longer according to the Prison Policy Initiative [see: link will download ]. Meanwhile, in the interim, we’ve seen a 12% increase since 2005.

Our ‘Recidivism Rates’ are overwhelmed, and the parole system here is broken!

There are a lot of prisoners working hard to earn their release from prison, so it’s incumbent that parole department officers instill a policy of networking equally hard with respect to those already set free, to ensure enough support reflects a sense of a ‘welcome home’ rather than an atmosphere of fear and apprehension in being returned to prison. But what side of the ‘greenback’ are they on?!!

Contracting private pri$ons

In 2005, the Indiana Department of Corrections contracted “Aramark” as its state-wide ‘Food Provider.’

In its first year, the local media released a story on how much money they $aved the $tate by hiring them. Shortly after the press release, we received ‘internal memos’ that “Aramark” also would offer “icare” packages as a supplemental extension to the basic Commissary items we could buy through “Pen Products,” that consisted of some ‘gas station-type’ small ‘vending-machine’ items not available on the regular Commissary’s list of items. We could ‘only’ receive those “icare” packages if our families were to go online and order them electronically.

The ‘scheme’ here was that these packages contained ‘name-brand’ items that we couldn’t buy off regular Commissary item lists. Also, they price-gouged each item so that if you paid $100.00 for a package, each item would add up to more than the ‘street’ price$; you’d $ave $45.00 dollar$ worth of $tuff if you could!!

The kick here is, “Aramark” banked on our families buying these bags, feeling like they could do so by surprising a loved one by catching them off-guard, especially if many of us couldn’t personally buy from Commissary, due to not having no money in our accounts, or, for being on ‘restriction’ due to a ‘write-up’ sanction. It’s all about money and exploitation of a ‘captive buyer’ family and consumers… prisoners.

So, why do you think “Aramark” wouldn’t sell the “icare packages” to “Pen Products” to have them added to our regular Commissary item’s list?

Because we will be compelled to buy them and desire these items we ordinarily can’t have every day. We are exploited by their taking advantage of our ‘cravings.’ These packages were sold for like 12 years until the program was discontinued, having them exploited our families out of ‘million$’ of dollar$.New contract$ means more ‘Greenback$’ for IDOC, “Global Tel-Link,” “Aramark,” and “Union Supply-Direct.”

“Aramark” expands

“Aramark” is said to provide food and a host of services to 500 or more prisons around the country.

Here, all Indiana Prisons are “Aramark-staffed” and they prepare all of our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, in an attempt to ‘corner-the-market’ on our ‘street food cravings,’ they’d supply ‘pizza,’ ‘hot-wings,’ single, double, and triple “Angus Beef” ‘cheese burgers,’ “Philly Cheese Steaks,” “French Fries,” ‘tater tots,’ desserts, etc.

“Aramark” introduced a $cheme to add more money to their bank accounts by offering a promotion called “Fresh Favorites,” it was set-up to be electronically purchased from the outside by someone, like on a Sunday, with the orders to be delivered every Friday. These ‘cravings’ foods are price-gouged higher than normal retail ‘street prices’ are for these items to non-incarcerated citizens. Also, they provide ‘order forms’ for us to buy these same items with money from our own accounts, however, these orders are only being delivered by “Aramark” staff on Saturdays.

“Aramark” is a billion-dollar company, so then, why aren’t they serving us these ‘quality foods’ on our prison food trays?

The foods served on our prison food trays are 3rd & 4th rate ‘generic-grade’ products, cheap, and bought in ‘bulk,’ then cooked and watered-down, stretching them to their maximum volume; and 99% of these being ‘soy-based,’ gives many of us constant ‘gas’ or ‘irritable bowel syndrome.’ Food portions are small, so that we’re forced to participate in our own exploitation, by ‘ordering’ Commissary or buying the “Fresh Favorites,” or having our ‘loved ones’ order it electronically, knowing our families are not going to allow us to starve if they have the money to order something.

All “Aramark” cares about is its damn profit$ and exploitation of human beings.

“Union Supply Direct” joins in on the “Exploitation Money Train”

The United States Federal Courts has cited in multiple rulings that while Men & Women are in the custody of State or Federal prisons, we are considered, in their opinion, “Incapacitated Consumers” at the merciless hands of greedy Pri$oncrat Profiteer$.

Since 1987, the Indiana Department of Corrections has changed its Prison Commissary Provider maybe 3-4 times, the latest change in contracted company-provider, was with Union Supply Direct (U.S.D.). This is yet another company who won its ‘bid’ to provide cost-effective food service, to a prison-consumer that has no say so in what products are being provided.

This is why the Federal Courts have said in such matters as outside private vendor services, we as prisoners, are an “Incapacitated Consumer.”

When there is no one engaged in keeping an eye on such companies like these, ‘price-gouging’ most surely comes into effect, and 3rd & 4th rate ‘generic-grade’ products will be funneled into prisons.

The 3 meals-a-day provided to prisoners by the private vendor “Aramark,” are small, and of a poor quality, that will just compel us to as a ‘prisoner-class,’ to spend any money sent from our families on “Union Supply Direct” – Commissary products; the $cheme revealed here is, to maximize their profit$ at our expense. U.S.D. has a large menu of Commissary items it sells to other prisons inside Amerika, however here, we are served 3 meals daily that are ‘child-like portions usually, and if you choose not to eat them, you will have to resort to the Commissary. This company can provide us quality “Name Brand” product items they have in-stock, and we are approved to purchase items that are 3rd & 4th rate ‘generic-grade’ stuff that has become outdated or expired, prices that are high and quality that is low, and taste that’s terrible!

We recently received ‘forms’ that U.S.D. has now been approved to solicit our families to buy 30 pounds of additional Commissary items also sold by “Union Supply Direct.”

These additional items can’t be ordered from our ‘weekly regular Commissary List. Can you now see the catch? Why would a company that is already providing commissary for the entire Indiana Department of Commissary, not give us access to all its featured items? The ‘forms’ describe it as an ‘Enhanced Commissary Allowance’: only on a quarterly Basis, and orders can be conducted by electronic exchange. The first orders will be allowed from April 1, 2019, up and until September 30, 2019.

There are 4 ways to order:

Union Supply, Department 107, P.O. Box 9018, Rancho Domingo, CA. 90224-9018
Fax: (310)-603-1188Phone: (562)-361-5728

This ‘enhanced list’ consists of many foods, hygiene, and property items we’d want and like to have access to, ordering from our ‘weekly’ regular orders. They give us 2nd & 3rd rate ‘generic-grade’ product items, so that the preferred ‘name-brand’ quality items they can exploit us with every quarter. It is then no question or surprise that to survive inside these modern-day ‘Slave Plantations,’ we must be supported by family and friends, if not, then in most cases we agonize in a compounded state of suffering.

Having access to these creature comforts comes with a high price-tag, these companies are cashing in on our ‘Human Bondage’ by pocketing our loved-one’s hard-earned dollars.

This is why filing Law Suits & Grievances are so important, because as “Incapacitated Consumers” we are not in a position to challenge the excessive ‘price-gouging’ taking place, but the Federal Courts can regulate them and tell them to get into compliance.

We can ‘boycott’ and not participate in our own ‘exploitation,’ but this option is rarely chosen due to a deep sense of fear of retaliatory responses.

The deprivation of what these vendors are offering us enhances our desire to acquire them. This is most definitely the psychological scheme these companies are currently cashing in on, by our wanting to possess things that help ‘do time’ easier, will cost us a lot.

“Union Supply Direct” is 1 of many companies that have realized prison is big business, so they too now join in on the Indiana “Big-Money Train.”

From J-Pay to “Global Tel-Link”

For several years J-Pay was under contract with the Indiana Department of Corrections giving us an avenue to send and receive e-mails, get and send pictures and receive money from our families and friends. The J-Pay system was simple and more manageable for us and our ‘loved ones,’ but the contract with J-Pay recently ended, so that “Global Tel-Link” (GTL) could step in and dominate the “Big-Money Train.” And now for several years, GTL has been capitalizing off Indiana Department of Correction’s phone calls. Since ending the J-Pay contract, “Global Tel-Link” provides the ‘kiosk’ services now for all Indiana prisoners; all money we get has to come through this company.

Soon, GTL will be providing “tablets” to the Indiana Department of Corrections, giving us access to music, movies, e-books, e-mail services, and phone calls, can be made using them from our cells. What is ironic about possessing these “tablets” is this. If we have no financial support coming in from the outside, and only have ‘slave-wage’ prison jobs, we will not be able to use the services the “tablets” offer, having no money.

The industry jobs are the only ones paying a reasonable wage, being paid .20 to .25 c a day, and many are working 7 days and 16 hours a day. Receiving only $90.00 a month you can’t afford to buy food, hygiene, or pay a $5.00 ‘co-pay’ fee to the Medical Department, and then pay for movies and music to upload on their “tablets.” These people are literally trying to ensure every penny we get goes to them; some prisoners are forced to pay a ‘Room & Board Tax’ out of their checks before they get it.

The Prisoncrats somehow want us to believe that they are helping us, when in fact, they are simply just cashing-in on the misery and oppression of a massive “Incapacitated Consumer” class.

In time, we will have all the research and legal facts to bring the Indiana Department of Correction up on federal charges. We have a lot of work to do, and with the collective assistance from our comrades outside, we will hold those parties behind the “Big-Money Train” scheme accountable.

What You Can Do to Help

You can do a ‘google-search’ for any information on the contracts (IDOC) has with “Aramark,” and for how much it is, and for how long the contract is good for;

You can also ‘google-search’ for who owns “Global Tel-Link” (GTL), and length of the contract for their phone/tablet service, and how much it’ll cost (IDOC) to secure it;

Thirdly, do a search on “Union Supply Direct” (U.S.D.) and learn who owns it, then find out for how long their contract runs, and again how much it cost IDOC to secure that one too, to provide Commissary items and the NEW “Enhanced Commissary” service.

You may send me a complete set of your ‘findings’ so that we may start our legal strivings to expose this enterprising “Big-Money Train.”

Thank you for your time – The Struggle Continues on these Oppressive Fronts! Aluta Continua!

Awakening Our Sleeping Giant.

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, (s/n Leonard B. McQuay) #874302
W.V.C.F. (M-218)
P.O. Box 1111,
Carlisle, Indiana 47838


You caged my body – i freed my soul

Freedom for many comes by opening the gates.
The soul must be free in order to defeat hate,
So thinking outside the box makes you wise like a fox.
My mind, body, and soul, are strong like an OX.

You caged my body, i freed my soul

My life is important,
My story’s been told:
From streets of Black Amerika to the White House.
The voice Loud and Bold. Im free…

You caged my body, i freed my soul

Yoga and mind maditation have kept me focused
on the struggle and task at hand.
My body has been held in a cell
but all my thoughts have been in the world…
touching lives…

You caged my body, i freed my soul

I have seen the world through blood-stained eyes…
every raindrop falling upon me gave me strength
for they were sent from God’s cries,
and his love for me…

You caged my body, i freed my soul

Many years have come and gone,
i cry freedom to bring me back home
to those who loved me for so long,
to place and time where i belong,
because i freed my soul….

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun…

Leonard Mcquay
March 4, 2019

moon behind bars

Image by Prettysleepy2 from Pixabay

Abuse of power at Wabash Valley Prison

“Prisons are an integral part of capitalism and function as a form of racial and class-based social control beyond mere profit-making.” – From Statement on Prison Abolition adopted by the IWW (International Workers of the World) and IWOC (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee) at its 2017 Convention

To: Elected officials, Indiana legal organizations and concerned Indiana citizens and families of incarcerated Indiana prisoners

My name is Mr. Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, known and honored as Brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun. I am currently in my 31st year incarcerated inside the Indiana Department of Corrections. There was a very serious need for me to compile this complaint and report to inform you of the many violations existing inside Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, with the hope that you will call for an investigation to substantiate the allegations of violations being exposed to you in my complaint.

Immediate outside oversight and intervention from you is being requested by me with this complaint and report. Please read the following with an objective eye and an understanding heart, because we need your help.

Racial discrimination

As a prisoner inside of the Indiana Department of Corrections, when my rights are violated by an individual employed as a state correctional official or ranking administrative authority, the initial step to document it is to file an informal grievance pursuant to Policy and Procedure 00-02-301, The Offender Grievance Process. If I am not satisfied with the informal response, I then proceed with the formal grievance and exhaust it through the final step.

These efforts have been reduced to perfunctory denials – non-success for us – because having someone admit they violated the law, policy, rules or the Constitution is very rare. Wrongs are covered up or swept under the rug.

Prisoners are targeted, labeled as snitches, or our cells searched and trashed in retaliation against me and other activist prisoners for our filing of grievances or any kind of complaint. So there is a mountain of violations occurring inside Wabash Valley Correctional Facility that go undocumented.

When you have an entire prison controlled by officials and correctional staff who are 99 percent of European (i.e. White) descent, in all of the rulings, judgments, discussions and reviews that involve non-white prisoners, there is rarely objectivity or impartiality.

This reality creates an environment that fosters racial discrimination by all white employed staff members, who are in most cases all friends and live in the towns surrounding this prison. For example, in the mail room at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility is an all-white female staff sorting through a lot of incoming mail from multiple sources.

For the last four years my San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper has been confiscated. This newspaper has been termed “Black supremacy thought,” racist and security threat group material. Ignored is its celebrating and promoting love, empowerment and culture and encouraging economic rebuilding of the poor Black community.

The review of all my Black cultural and political materials would be objective, if there were several conscious, educated Black women employed at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, assigned to review these kinds of newspapers and books.

On the flipside of this example is where I highlight and expose the instances of racial discrimination. When the White mail staff receives White nationalist books and newspapers, they are not labelled as “White supremacist” or related to security threat groups. The White prisoners are allowed to possess these materials, because those White female staff members empathize and relate to said materials. This is an undeniable truth that fosters biases.

Pursuant to both Policy 00-02-301, The Offender Grievance Process, and Policy 04-03-103, Information and Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff: “Staff shall not harass or retaliate against any prisoner for filing a grievance or complaint against an employee of the Department of Corrections.” When the official receives notice that he or she has been grieved by me, they initiate a cell search, literally destroy my property and leave it looking like it was hit by a tornado. That was them retaliating against me, completely disregarding the mandated policy that guides their conduct.

Program discrimination

Indiana prisoners housed at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility who maintain exemplary conduct adjustments maintain an eligibility for jobs and can have referrals submitted to participate in all rehabilitational programs. Many of these programs result in us receiving a “time cut” once they are completed. Others are self-help and non-time-cut programs; however, we do receive certificates of completion for them as well.

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility has the PLUS Program: “Purposeful Living Units Serve.” According to the program’s mission statement: “The mission of the PLUS Program is to provide participants with an opportunity to explore and choose alternatives to criminal thinking and behavior through an emphasis on spiritual, moral and character development, life skills training and intentional preparation for living as a law-abiding citizen who contributes to the well being of their community.”

This is supposed to be an all-inclusive program encouraging universal rehabilitation. The time we receive helps us get closer to going home and being reacclimated back into society, which is what IDOC claims to promote, that we’re reunited with our families. This is not always the case, because facility staff in positions of power have and will prevent some of us from becoming participants, by influencing the process to prevent us from being selected for an interview. The officials are all one big family here; one hand always washes the other.

Pursuant to Policy 04-03-103, Standards of Conduct for Department Staff: “All staff are responsible for learning and being in compliance with (all) IDOC Policies and Procedures.” There is a group of corrections staff at Wabash Valley abusing their positions of power who engage in “program discrimination” in violation to the following policies and procedures: 1) Policy 01-03-104, Faith and Character-based Housing Program; 2) Policy 01-01-101, The Development and Delivery of Adult Academic and Vocational Programs; 3) Policy 01-01-1021, The Development and Delivery of Adult Educational and Recreational Library Services.

I will now share two specific examples of these abuses of power that lead to program discrimination. A prisoner named Mack Porter, No. 184041, was approved May 30, 2018, to participate in the PLUS Program. When it came time for this man to be moved to the unit that houses the PLUS prisoners, his move was cancelled. He was told by staff member Lt. Kevin Ewers that he stopped his move. Lt. Ewers stopped him from being moved to N-House for the PLUS Program three times. That’s clearly discrimination.

I was placed in G-House population on April 6, 2017. Since that day, I have requested to be referred to the PLUS Program at least five times. I have never received an interview application nor have I been approved to enter the Pre-PLUS, which is a 90-day monitoring process.

Recently, in June or July of 2018, after exposing this practice as program discrimination, I was given a meeting with three staff members concerning my being denied entry into the PLUS Program. Unit Team Manager Ms. Heather Blasingame advised me that she had concerns that I would try and change things up and implement my own agenda.

However, the custody supervisor for housing prisoners on the southside of the prison vehemently swore that if he had anything to do with it, he would never allow me to participate in PLUS. Lt. Ewers is using his position and authority to target prisoners by keeping us isolated on the north side of the facility. I’ve had only two Class C Conduct Reports; that wouldn’t stop me from entering any program.

Heather Blasingame made a point to say she reviewed my case, saw the two Class C Conduct Reports and said she’d rather I had NO conduct reports before I entered the PLUS Program. They are abusing their power and positions to isolate me on the north side of the prison. Their actions are unprofessional and criminally prejudiced. Their conduct is conduct unbecoming staff.

Abuse of power and using positions to retaliate

When I break a rule or policy, I am held to account for it until I am in compliance. But this same standard does not apply to staff members at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. I was recently in a cell with a prisoner named Thomas, and he got into a brief argument with G-House day shift Sgt. Lyday while we were in the shower.

This Sgt. Lyday came into our cell, G-405, and tore down every picture Thomas had up of his loving family. When I asked why was he doing this, he said because your cellie Thomas was trying to “punk” him out on his unit in front of other officers. I never said anything to him, yet he tore all of my pictures down also, and he also knocked all of my religious books on the floor.

As the Sergeant knows, his malicious actions are not in compliance with Policy 04-03-102, Information and Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff, which states: “There shall be no harassment or retaliation by staff against any prisoner.” This Sgt. Lyday recently received a promotion in September to Lt. Lyday, to oversee the north side of this facility. Examples of abuse of job position, harassment and unprofessional retaliation exist every day in Wabash Valley Correctional Facility.

Nepotism is perpetuated and promoted

Here at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility exists an environment of Prejudice, and Staff Nepotism, there are people employed at this facility who belong to the same family, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters, cousins, etc. Some of them are regular Correctional Officers, and some are Plainclothes Counselors, Case Managers, Unit Team Managers, and many others hold ‘Ranking Positions’ such as, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains. I will share some factual examples of how Nepotism works in favor of these staff persons, and not in favor of the prisoner.

For example, Lt. Kevin Ewers and his wife Amy Ewers are both employed at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. This husband and wife duo work on the same shift and the same side of the prison. Six months ago Amy Ewers, who is counselor for Mary Housing Unit, gave my friend and comrade Mustapha Rasheed El-Malik a negative work evaluation on his job as a clerk in the South-Side Law Library, firing him for allegedly photocopying another prisoner’s legal work for free. Amy Ewers was filling in for Mrs. Hinton, who was Malik’s boss.

Amy Ewers called her husband Lt. Kevin Ewers, who is the custody supervisor over prisoner housing, for advice on what to do. They teamed up to have Mustapha Rasheed El-Malik moved to a Restricted Housing Unit. With husband and wife working together, how can we win? If one of us files a complaint or grievance on Amy Ewers in her capacity as a counselor, her husband, Lt. Kevin Ewers, will be targeting us in some way. Our cells will be trashed or we may have a false conduct report filed against us. They can have me placed in segregation or restricted housing.

The second case involving staff nepotism is Capt. Eric Brewer, who is custody supervisor and lead captain over all sergeants and lieutenants who work day shift at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. He has 100 percent influence over what happens during the day shift. His wife, Kay Brewer, has total control and in charge over the largest rehabilitation and time-cut program at this facility.

She runs the PLUS Program, “Purposeful Living Units Serve.” Since April 2017, I have had referrals submitted five or six times. They were all rejected without any explanations or justifications for it. Her husband, Capt. Eric Brewer, told me to my face that I need to stop writing and receiving all that “Black Power” shit, indicating that he has advised Kay Brewer, his wife, not to let me become involved in the program. So, it is about what I believe in and not whether I qualify to participate.

Between July and August 2018, I requested a meeting to find out who was not for my entering the PLUS Program. Heather Blasingame, unit team manager in charge of the southside of the facility over prisoner management, advised me to my face that she saw my name and removed every referral submitted for me requesting to enter the Program, because she “feels” that I would try to launch a campaign to change how things were being run, that I would try to promote my own agenda.

So, Capt. Eric Brewer, Kay Brewer, his wife, and their best friend Heather Blasingame, used their position to openly engage in subjective reasoning and discrimination against me. They are doing this to many prisoners who are unable to articulate what’s happening to them. Some remain silent for fear of becoming a target of theirs.

On my speaking out for prisoners right now on the nepotism and abuse of positions that’s happening here, this empowers officials to be prejudiced and discriminatory against me and others, in violation of policies and procedures pursuant to: Policy 00-00-101, The Organization and Operation of the Department of Correction; Policy 00-02-301, The Offender Grievance Process; Policy 01-01-101, The Development and Delivery of Adult Academic and Vocational Programs; Policy 01-03-104, Faith and Character-Based Housing Programs; and Policy 02-03-101, Searches and Shakedowns; also Policy 04-03-103, Information and Standards of Conduct for Department Staff.

Targeting, harassment, unprofessional conduct and prejudice against prisoners

The Indiana Department of Corrections is an entity governed by the United States Constitution, the Indiana Constitution, federal and state law, and administrative and operational policies and procedures; it is the duty of every employee to know all of the above.

While housed on the (SCU) Segregation Confinement Unit here from 2003 through 2011, what I experienced was that several did, and many would commit suicide in an attempt to escape the targeted harassment, unprofessional conduct and racial prejudice. After spending a total of 20 years housed in segregated confinement units, though I am no longer in the (SCU), I know that deplorable conditions still persist back there.

I’m currently being held on restricted housing status by Internal Affairs at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. The G-Housing Unit used to be general population, but in September of 2018, it became the Restricted Movement Housing Unit, isolating US from the general population. It’s all about control, and it’s 23 hours in the cell and one hour recreation. The officers operate on a code of conduct that is not in compliance with any policy or law I know of.

I can attest that they have regularly put the lives of prisoners in harm’s way. While I don’t promote or condone anybody harming children, the officers are supposed to protect these guys from harm; instead, they reveal their charges to other prisoners, creating an environment by which these guys will most certainly be extorted for food and money. The officers know that doing so violates established standards of conduct. They do it anyway, so this constitutes unprofessional conduct.

The second targeted harassment example I raise was on Jan. 15, 2016, when my cell was the target of a search for drugs by Sgt. Brian Mifflin, who filed a false charge for Obstruction of Justice A-100. It was alleged that I swallowed the drugs, but a drug-screening came back negative.

I was then given a hearing, found guilty and received six months in disciplinary segregation. Then a subsequent appeal was denied. The second appeal I then filed to the commissioner, and the charge was modified on April 27. 2016, by Robert D. Bugher’s Legal Services Division; it was reduced down from an A-100 to a B-235 – Resisting. No drugs were found in my cell area or in my urine sample I willingly provided a week after my cell was targeted by Sgt. Mifflin. He was promoted following that to the position of correctional counselor and assigned to the G-Housing Unit that I am housed in and unit counselor for the left side of G-House!

Sometime in June or early July 2018, Counselor Brian Mifflin entered the left side of G-Unit, walked up to an offender during day recreation, who was playing cards with other offenders sitting around him, and whispered to him that he knew Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, owed him money. Doing this crossed so many lines: First, he never received this information from me, and instantly made it appear that I provided him with that information, causing all the prisoners at the table and unit who were within earshot to identify me as a snitch. He created an environment of suspicion, distrust, evil intentions, literally sanctioning harm being done to me or my possible death. For two days I never knew he had done this to me, until an elder prisoner advised me that he witnessed Counselor Mifflin do this.

Counselor Mifflin totally disregarded my safety or the damage he would be doing to my reputation or relationships with other prisoners. This obviously was his motive for such unethical and unprofessional behavior. He never came to me to admit what he did. I confronted him and he admitted it, and friends of mine called for his firing or demotion. Nothing was done; he still remains a correctional counselor as you read this.

What Counselor Brian Mifflin did was to create a safety and security concern, and his actions violated policies and procedures for Policy 02-03-105, Security Threat Groups; Policy 02-03-115, High-Risk Offenders; and Policy 04-03-103, Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff. His actions concerning Black prisoners are very subjective and extremely objective towards White prisoners. And he is prejudiced when it comes to Black prisoners moving to better progressive units than G-House.

Criminal behavior by staff, violations of code of ethics, conduct unbecoming of staff, fraternization

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility is a Level 3 and Level 4 facility, which is home to a lot of serial killers and people who have caused a lot of harm to people in their respective communities, yet many of them become victims of some very disrespectful people who have been trained to be supposedly courteous, professional, responsible and respectful to prisoners in their custody.

Not all of the staff here are bad or criminal, so when we know the rules and their consequences and break them, we get a conduct report and a sanctioned punishment for it. However, this standard does not seem to apply to Wabash Valley Correctional Facility officers or administrative staff. Just recently, while on a four-week lock-down on Sept. 20, 2018, Correctional Officer Frye, assigned to day shift G-Unit Restricted Housing, approached my cell with my lunch tray and stated, “McQuay, No. 874304, doesn’t have no balls.” I asked him, if I had no balls, what is he saying that I have then? He stated that I had a vagina. All of this came out of nowhere. Prior to this, I never had any issues with Officer Frye.

I filed a PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003) complaint against him, and on Sept. 28, 2018, my complaint was ruled unsubstantiated; these facts I asserted were true, yet it was simply swept under the rug. Things such as this happen every day to various prisoners, who rarely report them for fear of being labeled by officers as snitches. Some fear being set-up on false charges or having their cells searched and having keepsake items and property destroyed or confiscated; had I been reactionary about it, I’d have come out of my cell and beat him up. I would be surrendering to my life being over, my lot would be dying in prison.

Pursuant to policy Executive Directive 17-09, IDOC can take all my earned credit time from me for assaulting any staff volunteers working at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. Meaning, if I have 60 years straight, I can’t give them no more of my life.

Officer Frye and all the staff who engage in his kind of criminal behavior, who violate the Code of Ethics or display conduct unbecoming of staff, are the real criminals here. Their actions are not in compliance with and violate policy and procedure for Policy 01-05-101, Staff Development and Training; and Policy 04-03-103, Standards of Conduct for Departmental Staff.

These violations continue to persist under the watchful eyes of their superiors. The officers engage in selective games of fraternization with various prisoners, by providing information to them on negative gossip circulating about other prisoners. This is intentionally done to keep us divided as a prisoner class. Having us at odds with one another this way has proven to keep our eyes off the real violations that permeate this prison environment. I am not afraid to speak up and speak out against these human and civil rights violations that aren’t being challenged on my watch at this facility.

Abuses in the selection and use of administrative restrictive status housing units in violation of Policy 02-01-111 and Facility Executive Directive WVC 02-01

Recently, Wabash Valley Correctional Facility converted G-House into a Restricted Movement Unit, which was the brainchild of shift custody Lt. Scott Fisher, whose wife is a correctional counselor and case worker in the P-Housing Unit. They both were responsible for selecting everyone for placement into this unit and decided who would leave for a new general population assignment or be left in the newly converted G-House.

Many of us who are currently in the G-Housing Unit and on Restricted Movement Status are here unjustly, because the criteria don’t apply to those of us who have good conduct records. Lt. Fisher and his staff have deprived me and other prisoners of the following:

1) religious services;

2) educational services;

3) rehabilitation programs;

4) outside food sales;

5) three-four hours of recreation reduced to one hour;

6) jobs.

Like most prisoners in Indiana and hundreds more around the country who subscribe to the Bay View, Khalfani’s papers are frequently censored, so it was a treat to get this one, the May 2017 paper. Here at the Bay View, we are working to develop techniques that will get the papers delivered to all who subscribe. The most effective technique we’ve found so far is to ask supporters on the outside to call the warden’s office and politely request your paper be given to you. Enough of those calls has often stopped the censorship.

I am a Sunni Muslim who has attended my religious services and participated in congregational prayer every Friday, consistently. This denial of congregational worship is a clear First Amendment violation of the U.S. Constitution. Plus, it violates Article 1, Section 4, Freedom of Religion, of the Indiana Constitution.

I have currently prepared a class action for myself and all prisoners who are similarly situated and affected by this abuse of power and harassment. They’ve rushed to get these beds that a lot of the prisoners left behind in G-Unit’s Restricted Movement and shouldn’t be housed here. Also, many moved in from general population were improperly selected, pursuant to Policy 02-01-111, Restricted Movement Unit, according to Facility Directive WVC 02-01.

They are advising prisoners and our families that we are appropriately placed, but how is that correct, when I don’t fit the criteria by having no current conduct infraction? By not having the outside oversight that would ensure the actions of every employee at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility who played an active role in this placement process had done so in compliance with policy and procedure. And also, that these placements weren’t unlawfully used as discriminatory or retaliatory excuses to pursue certain prisoners not favored by those administrators who were chosen to prepare the list for placement in Restricted Movement.

We are all filing grievances getting ready to exhaust all of our administrative remedies. Many of the staff members I have chosen to be named in this press release and report have targeted many of us who are now housed in G-Housing Restricted Movement. I feel they exploited this moment to isolate me and the others from being in positions to excel and be successful in our pursuits of higher learning and productive self-help programming.

Indiana political prisoner calls for outside independent investigation into the violations named in this long-awaited complaint

I am individually and on behalf of all other prisoners in G-Housing Restricted Movement, similarly situated, calling on you to read this release and report completely, and help us launch an investigation against the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility staff members named below:

1) Capt. Eric Brewer, shift supervisor

2) Kay Brewer, PLUS Program

3) Lt. Kevin Ewers, custody supervisor

4) Amy Ewers, correctional counselor

5) Lt. Scott Fisher and Counselor Fisher

6) Heather Blasingame, unit team manager

7) Kevin Hunter, unit team manager

8) Brian J. Mifflin, G-Unit counselor

Sincerely submitted,

Mr. Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, (Bro. Khalfani Malk Khaldun)

cc: Indiana Senate, Speaker of the Indiana House, Office of Gov. Eric Holcomb, IDOC Commissioner Carter’s Office, Douglas S. Garrison, Robert Bugher, Todd Tappy, Jack Hendrix, Indiana ACLU Director Kenneth J. Falk, Indiana State Sen. Ben Carson, U.S. Department of Justice

Compiled and researched by Leonard McQuay, No. 874304, also represented today as Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, who spent a complete 20 years inside Indiana Department of Corrections’ Solitary Confinement Units. I have been incarcerated inside IDOC since the age of 17, in 1987. The affect of this release and report unavoidably will result in the filing of a U.S.C. §1983 federal class-action lawsuit.

Send our brother some love and light: Khalfani Khaldun (Leonard McQuay), 874304, WVCF Q-512, P.O. Box 1111, Carlisle IN 47838.

Indiana Political Prisoner Petition to Repeal the 13th Amendment

Khalfani Malik Khaldun Oct 15, 2018

Khalfani Malik Khaldun, Oct 15, 2018

By Khalfani Malik Khaldun
(received 12-24-2018)

Indiana Constitution’s Article 1 Section 37 states: “There shall be neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, within the state, otherwise than for the punishment of crimes, where the party shall have been duly convicted” (amended November 7, 1984). The United States Constitution states in its 13th amendment the same thing: “Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment of a crime for which the party have been duly convicted, shall exist within the U.S., or places subject to their jurisdiction.”

On Sept. 22, 1862, President “Honest Abe” Lincoln issued what has become known as the Emancipation Proclamation that is supposed to have ended slavery. History books say that slavery became illegal inside the racist Confederate states that were then in rebellion against the U.S. This alleged “freedom document” did not apply to the over 800,000 slaves in the U.S. and areas occupied by the union forces.

As a young New Afrikan (Black) male who grew up in poverty inside an urban ghetto-colony, I was involved in pledging allegiance to the flag of the U.S. of Amerika. My elementary schoolteachers were brainwashing entire classrooms to openly express blind loyalty to a flag that has no allegiance to me. The schoolbooks encouraged me to believe Lincoln freed my people because he was a good man. That was not an accurate statement.

When I was convicted by the criminal justice system and the courts I had no idea that Article 1 Section 37 of the Indiana Constitution enforces slavery or involuntary servitude upon being convicted of a crime. So slavery still exists in Indiana based on that statement. Indiana is the birthplace of the domestic terrorist group, the KKK. Racism is a living real force in the political machine there. Nor was I aware of the U.S. Constitution’s 13th amendment promoting the existence of slavery after being duly convicted of a crime. The recent discussions of the 13th amendment by activist groups compelled me to join this movement to repeal it. I am lending my voice and solidarity to everyone fighting to expose prison slavery in the U.S. industrial prison complex.

Recently, Kanye West was openly advocating for the repeal of the 13th amendment. However, he was not too confident in his position because he lacked a sound and clear understanding of how it is detrimental to our nation as a whole. I would like to encourage all comrades and activists who are promoting the repeal of the 13th amendment to take a look at your state constitution to see if it is in there as well. We must try to get them repealed.

It is undeniable that the industrial prison complex has replaced plantation slavery. The courts have replaced the hangman’s noose. Public executions by being hanged in front of angry white racist mobs has been replaced by capital punishment and lethal injection in front of a host of onlookers. They are there to get a kick out of watching those poisons enter a person’s body that eventually kills them.

Prison is the new slave plantation. Working diligently as a proactive revolutionary force for change, we can make history. With that said, I would like to introduce two project ideas of mine that I will be pushing for the new year 2019.

One is a Free Indiana Movement structured and organized to confront, combat, and expose prison profiteering and exploitative prison labor. Another is the Indiana Underground Railroad Coalition. It will be organized as a body existing inside IDOC Watch whose mission and purpose will be an extension of the slave liberator Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad. Our mission will be the liberation of our women and men from the plantation to freedom. It is not just about helping one live comfortably in prison and doing nothing to actually liberate them. Under the banner of the Free Indiana Movement we still strive to launch some strategic fundraising campaigns to stabilize the Indiana Underground Railroad Coalition. Our organization, IDOC-Watch, is currently doing great work, being an outside watchdog presence helping Indiana prisoners being affected by the oppressive conditions and hardships of incarceration. The Free Indiana Movement will join them in this work, developing much more effective presence that opposes and exposes IDOC injustices.

Copies of our current class action suit will soon be filed in federal court in the Southern District. We are suing defendants from the commissioner’s office on down to the prisoncrats employed at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. I have also prepared a press release report on the conditions existing at this plantation (copies of both can be obtained by contacting Anyone interested in helping me and volunteering some time and energy to type up material for these new organizations should contact me directly. I look forward to working with any of you; we are in this together. The struggle continues.

“The only way to evil, racism, and oppression to exist is for man to do nothing.”

A voice for the voiceless within Indiana prisons,

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun G-405
(Leonard B. McQuay) 874304
6908 S. Old US Highway 41
PO Box 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838

Khalfani’s Fundraiser Update

Hello Friends and Comrades,

Khalfani posing with the shirt with his son King Dion (2017)

Khalfani posing with the shirt with his son King Dion (2017)

For six months I was restricted from having access to my J-pay account, due to taking a picture with the t-shirt on in memory of my son King Dion. For that I was given a conduct report, and they confiscated the t-shirt with my sons face on it.

Thank you for donations to my freedom: we have been able to launch an investigation into some new matters that where never presented during trial, that constitute newly discovered evidence.

There will be additional cost needed to fully retain John Tompkins as my full-time attorney. So please continue to show your support financially and in any other way possible, to ensure my freedom can be certain in the near future.

With all of my love I send to you and I ask you to continue to stand by my side in this fight, because I can not do it alone. As of right now I have been in prison for 31 years, and the majority of my family are deceased so its hard to do this by myself. I welcome your love, talents, commitment, and love for the struggle. As I continue to believe that my freedom is possible.

I would like for you to show your love to Annabelle (webmanager) who has been vigilant in supporting my Friends and Family Campaign to Free Khalfani Malik Khaldun.

Much thanks and love
your comrad Khalfani Malik Khaldun.
Power To The People



Khalfani in June 2018

Pushing the Clemency Card: The Case for Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Pushing the Clemency Card:
The Case for Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Following the Strategic Release Plan of Amend The 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement.

The Friends and Family Campaign to free Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun, IDOC-Watch, Amend The 13th, Central Texas ABC & Paralegal Services, South Chicago ABC, and IWOC-Indiana: Collectively due to their activism to bring home our ageing political prisoners and prisoners of war, stand together to compel the people and its representative body, the government, to consider the release of our comrades.

photo of Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun in 2017

Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun in 2017

This portfolio is solely compiled for Indiana Political Prisoner Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun.

The Indiana Department of Corrections for many decades has operated on a stiff riged system of barbaric oppression. The courts acting as an auction block, and prison replacing the plantations. Rarely does a single prisoner in this state receive a clemency release. So we want to be the individuals who influence the state and IDOC to Amend this policy and upon a careful review of our demands/protest, release Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun from their plantations’ custody home to us.

Special mention goes to Comrade Annabelle who has been involved in prison activism for many years, who lives in The Netherlands. She reached out recently to help Khalfani, encouraging the formulation of this address: pushing the clemency card. You have been a great help and source of encouragement in our fight to free Khalfani. Thank you for everything.

The system of control permanently locks a huge percentage of the New Afrikan Community out of the mainstream society and economy. The system operates throught the criminal justice institutions, but it functions more like a caste system than a system of crime control. Like Jim Crow and slavery, mass incarceration operates as a tightly networked system of laws, policies, customs, and institutions that operate collectively to ensure the subordinate status of a people defined largely by race.

The power lies in the hands of People. We are unafraid to expose white supremacy and corruption within this empire’s entire infrastructure. This monster has to be surrounded from all angles in a collective-struggle-approach. Together we can win.

Why should you join the call for Clemency as a Strategic Release plan for Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun?

Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun (Leonard Bernard McQuay) entered the I.D.O.C. in 1987 at the age of seventeen. He was in Highschool playing Highschool football. Born in Gary, Indiana, his parents gave birth to 8 children, including himself. Growing up in one prison environment or another for the past 30 years has been a constant and unavoidable struggle. Many would call it a complete nightmare.

In 1989 Khalfani Malik Khaldun did successfully complete and obtain his G.E.D.

Prison life for a Black 17-year old youngman would lead him to transform through the stages of political and dialectical growth and development. Encouraged by an older militant class of Rvolutionary Prisoners to study and read a host of political philosophy and New Afrikan nationalism / internationalist materials changed Khalfani in many ways, causing him to immediately abandon his criminal colonial impulses. Becoming a work in progress, an aspiring New Afrikan Revlutionary.

Inside U.S. prison plantations, prisoner activists and jailhouse lawyers become open targets of those administrations/administration officials. Political Prisoners or Prisoners of War (P.O.W.). Khalfani Malik Khaldun has chosen to embrace the life of a Servant of the People. A life full of harassment, being targeted by the oppressors. For 30 years Khalfani has been experiencing a transformation into a new man.

This is why we support Khalfani’s release:

No matter what losses, disappointments, good or bad came his way, he has never stopped fighting or progressing.

– In 1989 Khalfani obtained his G.E.D.

– Khalfani has become a fluent writer and poet, having authored many articles and poems. Some of these can be read on this site: Between the Bars:

– While held in solitary confinement Khalfani completed / graduated from Federal Emergency Management courses, Religious Enlightenment courses, all available Anger-management courses, Life Skills courses, Rehabilitative courses, and some other self-improvement work over the period of 20 years that he was held in solitary confinement units.

– Khalfani has drawn up proposals sent to the Governor’s office and ranking officials in charge of the Indiana Dept. of Corruption, seeking to change oppressive conditions for all prisoners.

– Khalfani created a program called: Rehabilitative Redemption Violence Prevention Program, and he presented it to the facility heads at Wabash Correctional Facility, hoping to have it approved to curtail building violence at the prison.

– Khalfani has authored very articulate articles in various leftwing publications such as:

the San Francisco Bayview, Nation Time News, Anti-Racist Action News, The Revolutionary Worker, The Indianapolis Recorder, etc. covering prison issues on oppression, slavery, political prisoners, prisoners of war, and Universal Solidarity, on a national and international level (in 2012).

– Khalfani wrote a play called A Solitary Confinement Cell in a Supermax Prison, at the request of comrades at Prison Health News. Out of 12 contestants, his play won 1st place.

– In 2013 Khalfani submitted a re-entry proposal and contract for Gradual Release for Prisoners including himself from Solitary Confinement to be released to General Population. The proposal was approved.

– In 2013 Khalfani completed and graduated a ten week course on anger-management and criminal thinking, culminating 20 individual courses.

– In 2010 Khalfani completed a program called Actions, Consequences and Treatment (A.C.T.), an incentive-based life-skills program that lasted one year, earning over 23 certificates.

– On 11-20-2014 Khalfani completed the S.T.A.N.D.-program: Striving Towards A New Direction, while housed at the Newcastle Correctional Facility. The next day he was released from 20 years of solitary confinement, out into General Population at Wabash Correctional Facility.

– Since 2014 Khalfani has organized Study groups/classes to help young prisoners enhance their lives inside the prison environment.

– Khalfani is currently getting ready to present the Khalfani Malik Khaldun Anti-Gang Educational Initiative, to local boys and girls clubs and detention centers in the Mid-West.

– Khalfani is currently preparing to publish his first Real Book: Like Father Like Son. This is a story about his life and love for his son, King Dion. His son was shot and he later died on September 21, 2014. This book will be his labor of Love.

– Khalfani has helped prisoners who are being denied proper medical treatment get support, to compel the medical department to act.

– Khalfani has stood in solidarity with the Muslim prisoners who were experiencing discrimination from the prisoncrats. That helped to get better food during the Month of Ramadan, which is the yearly 30-day fast for Muslims.

– Inside the Indiana Dept. Of Corrections Khalfani helped prisoners in any way that he can.

The Indiana Department of Corrections population is expected to grow:

Year –  Population – Capacity

2016 – 28,561 – 28,825

2017 – 29,180 –  28,825

2018 – 30,269 –  28,825

2019 – 31,627 –  28,825

Anyone wanting to read more about Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun please visit:

Comrade Anthony Rayson has collaborated with Khalfani Malik Khaldun to publish a total of 26 publications of his writings. You may receive copies of them by contacting:

Anthony Rayson
South Chicago ABC Zine Distro
P.O. Box 721
Homewood, IL 60430

You can write our Comrade Khalfani Malil Khaldun at this address:

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun
Leonard McQuay #874304
Wabash CF G-405
P.O. Box 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838

Campaign to Free Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, 10-31-2017

Khalfani was barred from using Jpay for 90 days!

Photo of Khalfani holding his memorial for his son Dion,19-5-17

Khalfani holding his memorial for his son Dion, 19-5-17

Khalfani has been barred from using Jpay for 90 days, because he sent a picture of his son Dion using Jpay kiosk to one of us. We do not know why this was so terrible that he got banned from using Jpay! We have to write to Khalfani with handwritten letters now.
Please write him by hand at:

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun,
Leonard McQuay #874304
Wabash Valley C.F.
P.O. Box 1111,
Carlisle, IN 47838

Khalfani needs us now! Thank you!!

A message to Indiana’s Black Lives Matter chapters and allied organizations calling for an organized united front

Despite my body being held inside these plantations of the Indiana Department of Corruption for the past 30yrs, my spirit, soul, heart and mind…have been free.

I have sacrificed my life, my time, and my energy to ensure other convicts are treated with care and humanity.

No matter what retaliation was launched against me, I have fed, clothed, saved and educated multiple prisoners who had no outside support, never asking for or wanting anything in return because this is the life I have chosen as a revolutionary.

I have held on, stood strong, fought to maintain my own sanity and morality. Stood tall and struggled to resist being dehumanized, while forced to watch all my family die or be killed in these colonial street’s of america. My own only son King Dion Toney was murdered in 2014. Wow! Can any of you imagine what that did to me?

I am reaching out to you seeking your support. If there is any one deserving of it, it is me. Because I have earned that. Twenty years held in solitary confinement has left me fighting severe depression. Your immediate aid and support could help free me. Does this Black revolutionary life matter? My hope is weakening, My spirit is losing its energy. I am growing pessimistic by the hour.

Will you build a united front to strengthen the Family and Friends Campaign to Free Brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun? These years and time have been eating away at my flesh like a feasting cannibal. How can I know thousands of people or have hundreds of friends on FB, yet go hungry and be unable to buy a bar of soap to wash my body with. Haven’t seen a letter in months. Where is the love?

The struggle continues…

by Brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun AKA Leonard Mcquay #874304
Write to Bro. Khalfani (rules: use or handwritten letter!) at:
Leonard McQuay #874304
Indiana Department of Corrections
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
PO Box 1111
Carlisle, IN, 47838-1111

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand: We need your help in demanding Khalfani’s contact visits returned!

A thank you message for your solidarity, and a request for help, by political prisoner Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Recently i sought your help to get immediate attention and help for an African prisoner from Niger, Africa, his name is Manan Basheer. Thanks to you, he has been seen by health care specialists and is now being treated kindly. The assistent superintendent visited the unit and notified us that multiple calls has been made on his behalf. They are on notice, thank yall very much. I need you to support an effort for me.

Back in Jan. 2017 the prison officials filed a charge against me claiming i refused to submit to a drug screening. However i did provide a sample for the test kit. When i did, the officer, a sgt. Bourland, stated it was an inadequate sample. I was advised that a second test would be orderd the next day. Instead of running the second test, he filed a conduct report against [me], case no. WVD17-01-0013. I requested evidence that supports my innocence, which is my due process right.

[Due to this unjust conduct report, Khalfani has lost his contact visits!]

These are the following things that i request:

1. A picture of the urine sample to prove that i gave one. They refused to provide it.

2. I request a statement from officer EWERS who was the eyewitness of the urine sample being provided which they refused to provide.

3. The sgt Bourland did not follow proper procedure for conducting the urinanalysis test pursuant to policy 01-02-107.

I demand that this case be reopened and that my contact visits be restored.

My name: LEONARD MCQUAY, 874304. I am at: Wabash Valley C.F.

Please call or email the following on Khalfani’s behalf to get his due process in this case of the urine sample test, and his contact visits restored asap:

Commissioner of IDOC at tel nr: 317-232-5711 via Executive Assistant: Margaux Auxier, tel.: (317) 232-5711

Commissioner: Robert E. Carter Jr.

Mailing Address:

302 W. Washington Street, Room E-334
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Email: via Executive Assistant: Margaux Auxier, tel.: (317) 232-5711,

[His own possible email could be:]

This is the warden of the facility:

Superintendent Richard Brown
6908 S. Old U.S. Highway 41
P.O. Box 500
Carlisle, IN 47838
Phone Number: (812) 398-5050
[Email not known but it may be:]

Public Information Officer: Rich Larsen,
Tel.: (812) 398-5050 ext. 4110

Members of the WVCF Advisory Board (see: chrome-extension://gbkeegbaiigmenfmjfclcdgdpimamgkj/views/app.html ):

Mrs Lee Ann Crooks, President:

Mr Jerry Cravens, vice-President:

Collectively We Represent The Weapon Of Change To Destroy The New Jim Crow Prison Industrial Complex. Power To The People.

Love you all,

Leonard McQuay 874304, “Khalfani Malik Khaldun”

July 10, 2017

You can contact me with any questions via, or write a handwritten letter (new rules of the idoc as per 4/1/17!) to:

Leonard McQuay #874304
Wabash Valley C.F.
P.O. Box 1111,
Carlisle, IN 47838


Stand With Me in Solidarity

March 10, 2017
Dear Comrades,

After being segregated again for the fourth time since my release to general population on Nov. 21, 2014, from a stretch of 20 years doing 23-1, news came today of a small victory.

My two disciplinary appeals were ruled on. The first level appeal of Providing Inadequate Urine Sample was denied. I’m preparing the second level appeal to be sent to the IDOC headquarters in Indianapolis, IN.

We won this one! The B-215 Unauthorized Possession of Property (TV Remote Control) got modified down to a C-353 Unauthorized Possession of Personal Property. This change caused my new release from segregation to be April 4, 2017 instead of July 1, 2017.

If we can cause the final reviewing authority to thoroughly scrutinize the appeal by writing him to advise him to correct this injustice, maybe he will do so. My contact visits were taken away because of the guilty urine test. So I am pleading with you to write to:

Robert D. Buggher (Final Review),
Legal Services Director,
Indiana Dept. of Correction,
E334 Indianian Government Center-South,
302 West Washington St.,
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Please state the following:

“Leonard McQuay, 874304:
1) Case No. 17-01-0013 was not conducted in compliance with the policy and procedures 01-02-107 Urinanalysis Program. The test cup was faulty and did not temp. That is not Leonard McQuay’s fault. He did not test for drugs either.

2) He was denied evidence meant for preparing his case for his hearing, and was denied the requested picture of the sample. Plus there was a statement from Ofc. Ewers, a key witness during the test.

3) Appeal should be granted on these bases alone. An alternative to it would modify the charge B-203 Refusing to Test. Yet as the conduct report clearly states, he provided a Urine Sample. We feel it could be modified to a C-347 Refusing to Obey an Order. Doing this would allow him to regain contact visits with his family.”

Thank you for your continued support. Peace and Blessings to you all.

In Solidarity,

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun
Leonard McQuay, #874304
PO Box 1111
Carlise, IN 47838