Indiana Pri$on Profiteer$

A Calculated Scheme by idoc – to gain profit$ at the expense of human exploitation. A 2019 report.

As of 2015, 3,183 individuals inside Indiana Prisons have been incarcerated for 10 years or longer according to the Prison Policy Initiative [see: link will download ]. Meanwhile, in the interim, we’ve seen a 12% increase since 2005.

Our ‘Recidivism Rates’ are overwhelmed, and the parole system here is broken!

There are a lot of prisoners working hard to earn their release from prison, so it’s incumbent that parole department officers instill a policy of networking equally hard with respect to those already set free, to ensure enough support reflects a sense of a ‘welcome home’ rather than an atmosphere of fear and apprehension in being returned to prison. But what side of the ‘greenback’ are they on?!!

Contracting private pri$ons

In 2005, the Indiana Department of Corrections contracted “Aramark” as its state-wide ‘Food Provider.’

In its first year, the local media released a story on how much money they $aved the $tate by hiring them. Shortly after the press release, we received ‘internal memos’ that “Aramark” also would offer “icare” packages as a supplemental extension to the basic Commissary items we could buy through “Pen Products,” that consisted of some ‘gas station-type’ small ‘vending-machine’ items not available on the regular Commissary’s list of items. We could ‘only’ receive those “icare” packages if our families were to go online and order them electronically.

The ‘scheme’ here was that these packages contained ‘name-brand’ items that we couldn’t buy off regular Commissary item lists. Also, they price-gouged each item so that if you paid $100.00 for a package, each item would add up to more than the ‘street’ price$; you’d $ave $45.00 dollar$ worth of $tuff if you could!!

The kick here is, “Aramark” banked on our families buying these bags, feeling like they could do so by surprising a loved one by catching them off-guard, especially if many of us couldn’t personally buy from Commissary, due to not having no money in our accounts, or, for being on ‘restriction’ due to a ‘write-up’ sanction. It’s all about money and exploitation of a ‘captive buyer’ family and consumers… prisoners.

So, why do you think “Aramark” wouldn’t sell the “icare packages” to “Pen Products” to have them added to our regular Commissary item’s list?

Because we will be compelled to buy them and desire these items we ordinarily can’t have every day. We are exploited by their taking advantage of our ‘cravings.’ These packages were sold for like 12 years until the program was discontinued, having them exploited our families out of ‘million$’ of dollar$.New contract$ means more ‘Greenback$’ for IDOC, “Global Tel-Link,” “Aramark,” and “Union Supply-Direct.”

“Aramark” expands

“Aramark” is said to provide food and a host of services to 500 or more prisons around the country.

Here, all Indiana Prisons are “Aramark-staffed” and they prepare all of our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, in an attempt to ‘corner-the-market’ on our ‘street food cravings,’ they’d supply ‘pizza,’ ‘hot-wings,’ single, double, and triple “Angus Beef” ‘cheese burgers,’ “Philly Cheese Steaks,” “French Fries,” ‘tater tots,’ desserts, etc.

“Aramark” introduced a $cheme to add more money to their bank accounts by offering a promotion called “Fresh Favorites,” it was set-up to be electronically purchased from the outside by someone, like on a Sunday, with the orders to be delivered every Friday. These ‘cravings’ foods are price-gouged higher than normal retail ‘street prices’ are for these items to non-incarcerated citizens. Also, they provide ‘order forms’ for us to buy these same items with money from our own accounts, however, these orders are only being delivered by “Aramark” staff on Saturdays.

“Aramark” is a billion-dollar company, so then, why aren’t they serving us these ‘quality foods’ on our prison food trays?

The foods served on our prison food trays are 3rd & 4th rate ‘generic-grade’ products, cheap, and bought in ‘bulk,’ then cooked and watered-down, stretching them to their maximum volume; and 99% of these being ‘soy-based,’ gives many of us constant ‘gas’ or ‘irritable bowel syndrome.’ Food portions are small, so that we’re forced to participate in our own exploitation, by ‘ordering’ Commissary or buying the “Fresh Favorites,” or having our ‘loved ones’ order it electronically, knowing our families are not going to allow us to starve if they have the money to order something.

All “Aramark” cares about is its damn profit$ and exploitation of human beings.

“Union Supply Direct” joins in on the “Exploitation Money Train”

The United States Federal Courts has cited in multiple rulings that while Men & Women are in the custody of State or Federal prisons, we are considered, in their opinion, “Incapacitated Consumers” at the merciless hands of greedy Pri$oncrat Profiteer$.

Since 1987, the Indiana Department of Corrections has changed its Prison Commissary Provider maybe 3-4 times, the latest change in contracted company-provider, was with Union Supply Direct (U.S.D.). This is yet another company who won its ‘bid’ to provide cost-effective food service, to a prison-consumer that has no say so in what products are being provided.

This is why the Federal Courts have said in such matters as outside private vendor services, we as prisoners, are an “Incapacitated Consumer.”

When there is no one engaged in keeping an eye on such companies like these, ‘price-gouging’ most surely comes into effect, and 3rd & 4th rate ‘generic-grade’ products will be funneled into prisons.

The 3 meals-a-day provided to prisoners by the private vendor “Aramark,” are small, and of a poor quality, that will just compel us to as a ‘prisoner-class,’ to spend any money sent from our families on “Union Supply Direct” – Commissary products; the $cheme revealed here is, to maximize their profit$ at our expense. U.S.D. has a large menu of Commissary items it sells to other prisons inside Amerika, however here, we are served 3 meals daily that are ‘child-like portions usually, and if you choose not to eat them, you will have to resort to the Commissary. This company can provide us quality “Name Brand” product items they have in-stock, and we are approved to purchase items that are 3rd & 4th rate ‘generic-grade’ stuff that has become outdated or expired, prices that are high and quality that is low, and taste that’s terrible!

We recently received ‘forms’ that U.S.D. has now been approved to solicit our families to buy 30 pounds of additional Commissary items also sold by “Union Supply Direct.”

These additional items can’t be ordered from our ‘weekly regular Commissary List. Can you now see the catch? Why would a company that is already providing commissary for the entire Indiana Department of Commissary, not give us access to all its featured items? The ‘forms’ describe it as an ‘Enhanced Commissary Allowance’: only on a quarterly Basis, and orders can be conducted by electronic exchange. The first orders will be allowed from April 1, 2019, up and until September 30, 2019.

There are 4 ways to order:

Union Supply, Department 107, P.O. Box 9018, Rancho Domingo, CA. 90224-9018
Fax: (310)-603-1188Phone: (562)-361-5728

This ‘enhanced list’ consists of many foods, hygiene, and property items we’d want and like to have access to, ordering from our ‘weekly’ regular orders. They give us 2nd & 3rd rate ‘generic-grade’ product items, so that the preferred ‘name-brand’ quality items they can exploit us with every quarter. It is then no question or surprise that to survive inside these modern-day ‘Slave Plantations,’ we must be supported by family and friends, if not, then in most cases we agonize in a compounded state of suffering.

Having access to these creature comforts comes with a high price-tag, these companies are cashing in on our ‘Human Bondage’ by pocketing our loved-one’s hard-earned dollars.

This is why filing Law Suits & Grievances are so important, because as “Incapacitated Consumers” we are not in a position to challenge the excessive ‘price-gouging’ taking place, but the Federal Courts can regulate them and tell them to get into compliance.

We can ‘boycott’ and not participate in our own ‘exploitation,’ but this option is rarely chosen due to a deep sense of fear of retaliatory responses.

The deprivation of what these vendors are offering us enhances our desire to acquire them. This is most definitely the psychological scheme these companies are currently cashing in on, by our wanting to possess things that help ‘do time’ easier, will cost us a lot.

“Union Supply Direct” is 1 of many companies that have realized prison is big business, so they too now join in on the Indiana “Big-Money Train.”

From J-Pay to “Global Tel-Link”

For several years J-Pay was under contract with the Indiana Department of Corrections giving us an avenue to send and receive e-mails, get and send pictures and receive money from our families and friends. The J-Pay system was simple and more manageable for us and our ‘loved ones,’ but the contract with J-Pay recently ended, so that “Global Tel-Link” (GTL) could step in and dominate the “Big-Money Train.” And now for several years, GTL has been capitalizing off Indiana Department of Correction’s phone calls. Since ending the J-Pay contract, “Global Tel-Link” provides the ‘kiosk’ services now for all Indiana prisoners; all money we get has to come through this company.

Soon, GTL will be providing “tablets” to the Indiana Department of Corrections, giving us access to music, movies, e-books, e-mail services, and phone calls, can be made using them from our cells. What is ironic about possessing these “tablets” is this. If we have no financial support coming in from the outside, and only have ‘slave-wage’ prison jobs, we will not be able to use the services the “tablets” offer, having no money.

The industry jobs are the only ones paying a reasonable wage, being paid .20 to .25 c a day, and many are working 7 days and 16 hours a day. Receiving only $90.00 a month you can’t afford to buy food, hygiene, or pay a $5.00 ‘co-pay’ fee to the Medical Department, and then pay for movies and music to upload on their “tablets.” These people are literally trying to ensure every penny we get goes to them; some prisoners are forced to pay a ‘Room & Board Tax’ out of their checks before they get it.

The Prisoncrats somehow want us to believe that they are helping us, when in fact, they are simply just cashing-in on the misery and oppression of a massive “Incapacitated Consumer” class.

In time, we will have all the research and legal facts to bring the Indiana Department of Correction up on federal charges. We have a lot of work to do, and with the collective assistance from our comrades outside, we will hold those parties behind the “Big-Money Train” scheme accountable.

What You Can Do to Help

You can do a ‘google-search’ for any information on the contracts (IDOC) has with “Aramark,” and for how much it is, and for how long the contract is good for;

You can also ‘google-search’ for who owns “Global Tel-Link” (GTL), and length of the contract for their phone/tablet service, and how much it’ll cost (IDOC) to secure it;

Thirdly, do a search on “Union Supply Direct” (U.S.D.) and learn who owns it, then find out for how long their contract runs, and again how much it cost IDOC to secure that one too, to provide Commissary items and the NEW “Enhanced Commissary” service.

You may send me a complete set of your ‘findings’ so that we may start our legal strivings to expose this enterprising “Big-Money Train.”

Thank you for your time – The Struggle Continues on these Oppressive Fronts! Aluta Continua!

Awakening Our Sleeping Giant.

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun, (s/n Leonard B. McQuay) #874302
W.V.C.F. (M-218)
P.O. Box 1111,
Carlisle, Indiana 47838